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Herbella Organics

Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt

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Herbella fine ground Celtic Sea Salt has no additives and is not processed in any other way beyond grinding and drying. Consult your Doctor if under any medication.

 It is a unique type of sea salt which was originally harvested from the coastal regions of Brittany, France and prepared by evaporating ocean water. 

AUTHENTIC, UNPROCESSED – Celtic Sea Salt is authentic with a subtle flavor and delicious taste, it’s a great all-purpose salt to keep on hand on your kitchen table or in the pantry!

Naturally derived Celtic salt has a different taste and texture than table salt, which is industrially refined and processed at high temperatures, turning it into sodium chloride. 
  • Our classic salt is more nutritious than table salt, because it retains the natural balance and spectrum of essential minerals, supplying the body with over 74 vital trace minerals & elements. A sprinkle of this sea salt is a healthy addition to any dish or recipe.
  • NO ADDITIVES – Our fine ground sea salt is completely all natural and has no additives. It’s not processed in any way beyond low temperature drying and grinding. This salt is also non-GMO Verified, lower in sodium than table salt and paleo-friendly.
  • Alkalizes the body.
  • Balances blood sugars.
  • Eliminates mucus build up.
  • Builds Immunity.
  • Improves brain function.
  • Increases Energy.
  • Provides electrolyte balance.
  • Promotes restful sleep.
  • Prevents muscle cramps.
  • Regulates heartbeat and Blood Pressure.
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Celtic Sea Salt